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Frequently Asked Questions About Candidate Skills Assessment

What is the AnswerSmart Candidate Skills Assessment Service?
AnswerSmart decreases the lost time, cost, and hassle associated with hiring candidates without the requisite skills for your job. We provide on-demand candidate skills assessment for technical roles or roles that require specialized knowledge, such as finance and accounting, IT, programming, web development, and marketing. We match you with a seasoned expert with years of experience in the relevant field. The expert reviews your job description and identifies the key skills necessary to perform the job, then conducts a skills assessment interview with your top candidates via phone or webcam. You get an audio or video recording of the interview and a written and verbal skills assessment from the expert. Whichever direction you decide to go with the candidate, you'll have the confidence to know you're making the right decision.

How is it different than a candidate skills test?
Online tests can be gamed by the candidate. They are simplistic and often miss the nuances of the job as well as the subtle signs, both positive and negative, that emerge in a one-on-one interview. A skills based interview with an AnswerSmart expert is like asking a trusted advisor for their opinion.

Can't I assess the candidate's skills myself?
Hiring managers and recruiters use AnswerSmart when they are hiring technical roles that require specialized knowledge that they don't possess themselves. AnswerSmart's skills assessment enables you to focus your interview time and effort on other critical aspects - work ethic, integrity, personality, and cultural fit.

What types of skills does AnswerSmart evaluate?
AnswerSmart conducts on-demand skills assessment for financial, accounting, technical, IT, and marketing roles. Click here for a complete list of skills our experts assess.

Who are your skills assessment experts?
AnswerSmart has over 25,000 experts with deep skills in a wide variety of technical fields. Each of our experts have years or decades of experience in their field of expertise, and are well-versed in skills-based interviewing techniques.



How does the service work?

• AnswerSmart matches you with the right expert based on your job description. He or she discusses the role with you and gets a thorough sense of the skills and experience necessary to perform the job.
• The expert then conducts a skills assessment interview with your top candidate or candidates. You receive an audior or video recording of the interview and a written skills opinion with the expert.

• Based on the skills assessment and your own interactions with the candidate, you decide whether or not to make an offer.



How quickly will I receive a skills opinion?
The process can take as little as a few hours to complete, depending on how quickly your candidate can be available for an interview.


I'm not sure what skills I really need. Will your experts help me create the right job description?
Absolutely. Hiring the right person starts with defining the job correctly. Select our Job Description service and we'll match you with an expert who can work with you to understand the job you need done and create an accurate job description. This same expert can assess the skills of your candidate once you've identified them.

I have hundreds of resumes. Will you experts help me select the best ones to interview?
Yes. AnswerSmart's experts can review your resumes and separate the cream from the crop, identifying the strong candidates for you to spend time on.

I have more than one strong candidate. Will your expert assess their skills and help me decide on the best one?Yes. Skills assessment services can be purchased in larger quantities at a discount, so you can have multiple candidates assessed and pick the winner.

How do I get started?
Select the service that's right for you and complete our simple order form. A member of our client services team will contact you to review your order and match you with the right expert. Questions? Call us at 888-540-1140