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We Are Hiring!

There are lots of great reasons to work at AnswerSmart - and here are just a few:

  1. We’re located in the heart of the Boston tech community in Cambridge, MA – right next door to MIT. Our office is in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) - home to a slew of tech start-ups like us; and full of interesting people and start-up-y goings-on.


  1. We keep our kitchen well-stocked with drinks and snacks for everyone and have no less than 15 different kinds of coffee and tea (no kidding).


  1. We're half a block away from the Kendall Square T-stop and near a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.
  2. We don't just have whiteboards on walls. We have entire walls of whiteboards. We take brainstorming seriously.

But as if these reasons are not enough to polish up your resume and get it in to us asap, here are some more:

AnswerSmart is building a product and a community that transforms the way businesses hire the very best talent available. We’re fundamentally changing the way businesses hire A+ technical talent by ensuring that they have the expertise to assess candidate skills before they hire. We're growing like gangbusters because we deliver tremendous value to our clients - we help them get the most important things right - the people.   We have a vast network of over 25,000 experts in a variety of technical fields who are passionate about helping businesses hire the right people for their technical roles.  Join our team and help revolutionize the way technical talent is assessed and hired.




Check out the current job openings below. If there isn’t one that describes you to a "T", propose something else and we’ll see if there’s a fit!


Extreme Overachiever/Raimaker AKA Business Development Manager
Artist in Residence AKA Graphic Designer
Social Butterfly AKA Social Media Manager
Geek AKA Developer
Traffic Cop AKA Office Manager