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How We Do It

AnswerSmart matches you with an expert with years (usually, decades) of experience in the field in which you are hiring. He or she conducts a skills-based interview with your candidate, asking the key questions that will uncover their true skills.

Here’s AnswerSmart’s Candidate Skills Assessment Service works.


How It Works:

  1. 1. Complete the order form and provide details about the role you are trying to fill and the candidates you are considering.
  2. 2. A member of our client services team will contact you to discuss the role and match you with an expert in that field.
  3. 3. Your expert will work with you to further understand the skills necessary to perform the job you need done.
  4. 4. Your expert will schedule a time to conduct a phone or video interview with your candidate to assess their skills for the position. They’ll ask your candidate the right questions to discover their real skills, uncover red flags or areas of concern, and assess their skills.
  5. 5. Your expert provides a written opinion for you, and provides their opinion verbally by phone. You can dig into their assessment and reach a decision on the candidate’s skills.


Questions about how it works? Review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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