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What We Do

AnswerSmart is brought to you by a founding team that lives and breathes small business. We know from personal experience how much the right expertise (be it accounting, programming, database engineering, marketing, graphic design, legal, financial, or sales) can move your business forward. But you're an expert in what you do, not what they do! And hiring someone without the requisite skills to fill one of these critical roles can be disastrous and costly. Costs for a mis-hire typically include:



This can cost an organization $30,000 - $300,000, depending on the role. So how can you avoid hiring someone who looks good on paper but isn't the real deal?


AnswerSmart Candidate Skills Assessement solves this problem for small and medium sized businesses – by matching you with experts who have years of experience in their field to assess your candidate’s skills in a one-on-one skills-based interview. The expert is like a trusted friend who talks to your candidate and asks the key questions that uncover real skills, red flags, and areas of concern – and then shares their expert opinion with you. This allows you and your team to focus on finding the right cultural fit and gives you the confidence in the candidate’s technical skills to make an offer.


Find out more about how AnswerSmart Candidate Skills Assessemnt Service works, or click here to get started today.